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IQ / OQ / PQ

Our laboratories specialize in the performance of Installation Qualification (IQ), Operation Qualification (OQ) and Performance Qualification (PQ) for analytical apparatuses and production equipment.

For laboratory equipment in particular, we perform IQ/OQ/PQ for:

  • incubators
  • laboratory moist heat ovens/sterilizers (autoclaves)
  • laboratory dry ovens/sterilizers
  • ovens/chambers
  • baths
  • refrigerators, freezers, ultra low temperature freezers
  • conductivity detectors
  • electrochemical detectors
  • automatic samplers
  • laboratory pumps
  • TOC analyzers
  • moisture analyzers
  • UV detectors
  • IR detectors
  • diode array detectors
  • ultra pure water apparatuses
  • PCR thermal cyclers
  • heating blocks
  • BOD incubators
  • dissolution testers

For production equipment, IQ/OQ/PQ is performed for:

  • industrial dry ovens/sterilizers
  • industrial moist heat ovens/sterilizers
  • pasteurizers
  • homogenizers
  • temperature tunnels
  • refined water production systems  

IQ - Installation Qualification

This is a process of obtaining and documenting evidence that the equipment has been installed and operates safely in accordance with its specifications. IQ includes a detailed description of the equipment, operation manuals and parts, as well as updates of the calibration archives. 

In addition, all essential parameters that validate correct installation and proper functioning of the equipment are checked.

OQ - Operational Qualification

This is a process of obtaining and documenting evidence that the equipment installed operates within predetermined limits when used in accordance with its operational specifications.

During OQ all critical parameters of the instrument are measured and calibrated if not found within predetermined limits.

PQ - Performance Qualification

PQ describes a process of validating and reporting the overall performance of the equipment controlled when used in accordance with its operational procedures in order to ensure suitability for the intended use.

See here our Scope of Accreditation for the performance of calibrations.


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